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Hi I'm Callia and I really like Disney, Pixar, volleyball, waffles and pancakes, dogs, rice, Totoro and Ponyo, the community center vending machine, stickers, coloring books, and yeah. I don't know how you ended up here but umm this is may website and umm welcome to my website so yeah. Um I'm not really tech savvy or anyhting so don't expect anything special. I'm actually really bad at coding so I'm pretty surprised that I'm getting a good grade in web design class but I'm not going to complain. Yeah everything on this website is probably going to be pretty random but it's content. And I need content because the main thing my websites going to be graded on at the end of the quarter is, (surprise, surprise), CONTENT!!!

Disney :P

Here's a topic of great controversy: cats or dogs. You want to know whih one is better? You really want to know? Dogs. Cats are mean, antisocial, and lazy. All they do is sleep, eat, and scratch people. Dogs? So much better. When you get home, you know who's happy to see you? YOUR DOG. Dogs are loyal, smart, cute, and all in all, better than cats. Don't argue with me. If you're a cat person, don't disagree with me or you should probably leave this website.

Here's some not really interesting content that I'm sure you're might not like so here. It's from some random day and I was desperately looking for content to use so there it is, some paragraph I wrote on some random day in March 2019. Okay go there now byeeeee.

content that I decided to use

Here's a page completely dedicated to an ex-friend of mine, the community center vending machine.

vending machine

So I really really really like stickers. I'm not kidding I have at least two thousand. Okay go to the page below.

stickers :D

I really like rice. Here's a page all about rice to prove how much I love it. Okay go there.


If you want to stalk any of my other classmates, be my guest! Okay here it is.

other people's websites

Um so here are some pictures please don't copyrite me thanks. They might not show up on your device but oh well.